Powder coating for aluminum

The aluminum preparation plant operates since the summer of 2007 and its main goal was aluminum coating and treatment to the highest quality standards, offering good environment protection at the same time.

The six automated preparation stages include aggresive degrease (BEIZE) and repeated rinsing with demineralized water, plus the new NO-RINSE system, which is an important aspect for ensuring excellent finishing.
These stages are performed using a completely automated tunel-like line, by spraying. The line is equipped with state-of-the-art control systems for ensuring a safe technological process that can be kept permanently under observation.

The raw materials used are another important step for achieving great quality, therefore we chose internationally renown providers:: ALUFINISHIGPAKZO NOBELENTHONE.

The plant has a coating capacity of up to 400 sqm in 8 hours and has the following size:

  • Length: 7 m
  • Height: 1,2 m
  • Width: 0.4 m